Huay Yai locals stop cable thieves funding birthday bash and drugs

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In an unexpected turn of events in Huay Yai, Chon Buri, two thieves were apprehended in the act of stealing power cables by vigilant locals. One of the culprits confessed that the motive behind this crime was to fund his birthday celebration and substance abuse habits.

The incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday, near Soi Khao Makok 10, close to the Huai Chak Nok reservoir. Locals and construction workers, having suffered frequent power outages due to recurrent cable theft, decided to proactively address the issue.

Rattanaphon Sathianuchikanon, a resident of the area, narrated the sequence of events. He shared that a group of locals had laid a trap in the wooded area where the thefts usually took place.

Over several days, they waited patiently for the thieves to strike again. Their patience bore fruit when they observed three individuals attempting to unearth and steal the recently installed underground cables.

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Upon noticing this, the locals and construction workers sprang into action, encircling the thieves. They managed to capture two of the suspects, while the third made a daring escape under the cover of darkness.

The apprehended suspects were identified as Buntharik Sibot, 30 years old, and a 32 year old Cambodian national, Kia. The duo was handed over to the Huay Yai police for further investigation.

Upon inspecting the suspects’ phones, the police hypothesised that there might be more individuals involved in this cable theft ring.

Interestingly, one of the captured individuals confessed that the following day was his birthday. He planned to sell the stolen cables to fund his birthday festivities and purchase illegal drugs.

Rattanaphon, one of the locals who assisted in catching the thieves, revealed matters took an unexpected turn when the thief confessed that he was stealing to fund his birthday.

“What a way to celebrate!”

This incident certainly highlights the unforeseen and sometimes startling motivations behind criminal activities, reported by Pattaya News.

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