Cycling rage: 71 year old amputee stabs harasser in Bang Pakong

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A 71 year old amputee, driven by frustration over persistent harassment, fatally stabbed a younger man before cycling home, only to be arrested hours later by police.

Police officers, forensic experts, a duty doctor from Bang Pakong Hospital, and rescue volunteers from Chachoengsao arrived at the scene after midnight. The incident occurred at a roadside pavilion near the entrance to Wat Bang Samak in Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao Province.

The deceased, identified as 45 year old Neng (surname withheld), was found lying face down in a pool of blood. Upon examination, officials discovered a wound on his left cheekbone and two stab wounds on his body: one in the solar plexus and another on the left side of his ribs. The area was meticulously examined before the body was sent to a forensic unit to determine the precise cause of death.

Interviewing Chin (surname withheld), the 71 year old deceased’s father, proved challenging as he was intoxicated. He provided inconsistent information but mentioned that he had never registered Neng’s birth and claimed Neng had a history of violent behaviour towards him, which led to their estrangement. Chin asserted he did not know who might have committed the crime.

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Within two hours, the investigation team identified and apprehended the suspect, Chaiyaphum (surname withheld). Chaiyaphum, who is an amputee with his left leg missing, was found relaxing at home. Initially, he denied involvement but after a second police visit, he confessed to the murder.

Chaiyaphum recounted that he regularly played chess with friends at the pavilion while selling lottery tickets. Over the past five months, Neng had frequently joined, often drinking heavily and causing disturbances. Neng’s drunken tirades, challenges, and disruptive behaviour had made him a nuisance to everyone at the pavilion.

“Every day, he would come, drink, and start shouting. Today, when he began yelling again, I went over and asked why he always insulted me. He didn’t respond, so I took a folding knife from my pocket and stabbed him twice,” Chaiyaphum explained. He described stabbing Neng in the torso before cycling home and going to sleep, reported KhaoSod.

Chaiyaphum’s account was corroborated by the evidence at the scene. He was arrested and taken to Bang Pakong Police Station, where he faces charges of causing death by assault.

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