Thai man sits on roof for 2 days because his family won’t let him smoke marijuana

A disgruntled man in northeast Thailand climbed onto the roof when his family cut off his access to marijuana and stayed up there for two days. Yesterday evening, he got hungry and climbed down before being taken to hospital.

The man’s wife said her 42 year old husband Kantaphi is a “weed addict,” so she took him from Bangkok to stay with his father in Kantharalak district, Srisaket province, to “starve him of marijuana,” she said.

On Sunday, the man asked his 65 year old father Sathien Panyakom for some cannabis. His father told him he didn’t have any, so Kanthaphi climbed onto the roof in a huff at around 8.30pm.

The next day, neighbours and friends tried to persuade Kanthaphi to get down, but he wouldn’t budge, even in the heavy rain. He didn’t become violent in any way, he just wanted to be alone on the roof.

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Yesterday, the Sheriff of Kantharalak District Sukit Luangsakulthai was notified and travelled to the house at 3pm, but the sheriff couldn’t persuade him to come down either.

Almost 48 hours after he climbed onto the roof, Kanthaphi got “too hot and too hungry” and climbed down at 6pm yesterday. Kanthaphi appeared to be “weak” so he was taken for a check-up at Kantharalak Hospital.

Sathien said his son usually works as a trader in Bangkok, but his wife brought him to Srisaket province on Saturday because she was worried about his cannabis consumption, and then she drove back to Bangkok.

Sathien said that by Sunday evening, his son wanted some marijuana and asked him for some. Sathien said he has never smoked cannabis in his life so he didn’t have any. Dissatisfied, Kantaphi climbed out of the window on the second floor and hoisted himself up onto the roof.

Kantaphi’s father said…

“I would like to warn people that marijuana and Ya Ba (methamphetamine or “crazy drug”) are bad. Don’t try them, it’s easy to get addicted. Drug addicts have hallucinations then they kill their parents, hurt their children and partner or burn their houses down. I’ve seen it in the news, but never thought drugs would affect my life like this.”

The Thaiger would like to point out that many violent crimes in Thailand, such as knife crime, are often committed under the influence of Ya Ba, which is a popular and cheap drug made of methamphetamine mixed with caffeine pressed into a pill. Marijuana, on the other hand, is not known for making people violent.

SOURCE: ThaiRath

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