Bangkok 12th worst city for air quality in the world today

It’s a list you don’t want to be on the top of.

The Air Visual website is reporting that Bangkok’s air pollution level stands at 136, with PM 2.5 level at 57.8 micrograms per cubic metre, making the Thai capital the 12th on the list of cities today with the worst air pollution in the world. Chinese and Turkish cities constantly rank in the top five cities in the world for poor air quality.

(Since this story was written, the air quality in Bangkok has improved to around 60-80 as of 1pm Tuesday, Some industrial areas to the west and east of the city are still between 102-159.)

The figures are according to the US AQI standard.

Air Quality Index is a standard that indicates the quality of air and the level of pollution…

• Level 0-50 means good air quality, 51-100 means moderate quality

• 101-105 will start affecting sensitive groups

• 151-200 is slightly harmful to health

• 201-300 is highly harmful

• 301-500 means extremely dangerous level

Meanwhile, the Pollution Control Department reports that air quality in Bangkok and its perimeter is currently hovering between ‘moderate’ quality to ‘starting to affect health’. The Thai safety limit for 2.5 micron particles per cubic metre is 50 micrograms while the safety limit for AQI is 100.

The PCD also reports fine PM2.5 particulate dust higher than s’normal’ at 27-53 µg/m3 on Din Daeng Road in Din Daeng district and in Krathumbaen district in Samut Sakhon.

SOURCE: The Nation

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