Why you should consider getting a Thailand Elite Visa

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The Thailand Elite Visa is possibly one of the most underrated visas in Thailand because people tend to lose interest once they hear about the application fee. However, the special visa program offers lots of convenience and benefits. Whether you are an investor, a retiree, or a digital nomad, the Thailand Elite Visa is available for anyone who lives or regularly comes to Thailand but doesn’t want to deal with the complex immigration bureaucracy. Besides, there are many other things you can enjoy by being an Elite Visa member. Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits.

Continuous stay without visa runs and paperwork

Thailand Elite Visa
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Thailand is notoriously strict about visas, especially for those who want to stay in the country long-term. While you can get a 30-day tourist visa without much difficulty, obtaining a long-stay visa or a visa to come in and out of the country 2-3 times a year can be a pain in the neck. From 90-day reporting to the ever-changing visa regulation, dealing with immigration can be confusing. And not to mention the paperwork. Every time you apply, renew or extend your visa, you must prepare at least five different sets of documents.

With Thailand Elite Visa, you don’t need to worry anymore about these things. You can stay in the country long-term or enter multiple times without having to abuse tourist visas or do border runs every 90 days. Moreover, you’ll be able to bypass long immigration lines and get visa assistance. Say goodbye to paperwork. All you need is a copy of your passport. An Elite Visa agent will handle everything for you, and you’ll get your visa within 30 minutes.

There are different types of Thailand Elite Visa. The starting point, the Elite Easy Access, allows you to stay in Thailand for 5 years. For a longer term, the Elite Privilege Access has a 10-year validity. However, many foreigners who plan to stay in the country long-term usually opt for the Elite Superiority Extension or the Elite Ultimate Privilege. Both give you a 20-year stay but with different benefits.

Long-term stay for anyone

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If you’re only 40 years old and want to retire in Thailand, you can’t apply for a retirement visa since you must be 50 years of age or older to do so. However, you can spend your early retirement in Thailand by obtaining a Thailand Elite Visa since you don’t need to reach a certain age.

The Thailand Elite Visa is also available for anyone who wants to live in the country long-term or needs to visit more than twice a year but can’t find any suitable visa options. For example, digital nomads who aren’t employed by any particular company to get a business visa and their job doesn’t fall into one of the four SMART visa categories.

You don’t need to have a job in Thailand, attend a language course, marry a Thai, have health insurance, have 800,000 Baht in your bank, or be within a certain age to obtain a Thailand Elite Visa.

Expedited arrival & departure

Thailand Elite Visa
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As you arrive in Thailand, an Elite Visa agent will take you to your car and get you to a hotel or anywhere else you want to go. When you depart, you’ll breeze through check-in and accelerate passport control processing. You’ll also get access to exclusive departure lounges at Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai, and Phuket airports.

Depending on the type of Elite Visa you have, such as Elite Family Excursion, you’ll get a complimentary short-haul round-trip limousine transfer from the airport to the residence. You can enjoy long-haul transfer service for international flights as well.

Investment opportunities

Thailand Elite Visa
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Interested in investing in Thailand? The Thailand Elite Visa will make it easier since you’ll get special concierge services to make interacting with both the Thai government and the private sector easier. Thus, your business and investment opportunities in Thailand will be improved. In other words, you can simply use your elite status to network and establish connections should you need assistance or have a problem.

Discounts and perks with Thailand Elite Visa

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand first proposed the idea of the Elite Visa to attract affluent tourists to Thailand. As a result, the program has formed partnerships with numerous companies in Thailand that offer travel-related services.

With the Thailand Elite Visa, you’ll enjoy access to spas, golf courses, hotels, travel agencies, cooking schools, department stores, Muay Thai gyms, and other recreational activities. In Laguna Phuket, for example, you can get a free one-and-a-half-hour massage, as well as a 15% discount on selected items. All you have to do is show your Thailand Elite Card. The discounts can even cover a family member who doesn’t hold an Elite Card or your guest.

In addition to discounts on recreational activities, you’ll also be eligible for complimentary annual medical checkups at various hospitals. Some of the hospitals include Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital, and Chiangmai Ram Hospital.

Easy banking

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As a foreigner in Thailand, opening a bank account at a local bank can be a frustrating experience. This is especially true if you don’t have a work permit. But with an Elite Visa, you can do it easily. The Thailand Elite Visa program has a contract with Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank, so you can open a bank account without any hassle. Bangkok Bank also offers special privileges for Elite members when opening a Foreign Currency Deposit Account (FCD).

Other benefits of the Thailand Elite Visa

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There are numerous other benefits offered by the Thailand Elite Visa for you and your family. One of them is tax exemption benefits on any income outside Thailand. Furthermore, you’ll have 24/7 assistance should you need any help during your stay in the country.

Thailand Elite Visa doesn’t give you a permit to work in Thailand. It is, however, possible to get a work permit by applying for the Thailand Elite Flexible Plus Program. Introduced in early 2022, the program allows you to get a work permit and a non-B visa to legally work or run a company in Thailand within a year after getting your Thailand Elite Visa card if you invest 1,000,000 USD in the country.

Types of Thailand Elite Visa Packages

Thailand offers a variety of Elite Visa packages, each tailored to different needs and durations. Here are the main options:

1. Elite Easy Access

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Cost: THB 600,000
  • Ideal For Individuals seeking a flexible and straightforward entry into Thailand.

2. Elite Family Excursion

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Cost: THB 800,000 for the main applicant and THB 300,000 per dependent
  • Ideal For Families wishing to enjoy Thailand together.

3. Elite Superiority Extension

  • Duration: 20 years
  • Cost: THB 1,000,000
  • Ideal For Those planning a long-term stay with maximum benefits.

4. Elite Privilege Access

  • Duration: 10 years
  • Cost: THB 1,000,000 for the main applicant and THB 800,000 per dependent
  • Ideal For Families and individuals seeking a mid-term stay with premium services.

5. Elite Family Alternative

  • Duration: 10 years
  • Cost: THB 800,000 for the main applicant and THB 700,000 per dependent
  • Ideal For Families preferring a more affordable package.

6. Elite Ultimate Privilege

  • Duration: 20 years
  • Cost: THB 2,140,000
  • Ideal For Those desiring the highest level of luxury and exclusive benefits.

7. Elite Maxima Health

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Cost: THB 1,500,000
  • Ideal For Health-conscious individuals seeking premium healthcare services.

Each package offers unique benefits, including long-term stays, VIP treatment, exclusive privileges, and access to healthcare services. Whether you’re a solo traveller, a family, or a retiree, there’s a Thailand Elite Visa package that suits your needs.

Whether you don’t want the hassle of renewing your visa or you want to enjoy the other benefits, Thailand Elite Visa can be a game changer for you.

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