Applying or renewing your visa in Thailand made easy with TMT Visa Services Phuket

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When it comes to moving to Thailand, whether it is for retirement, to study, or just for relocation, everyone knows that the most stressful part is getting your visa sorted and cleared. Whether you are new to Thailand or already in Thailand, it’s one of the most important things to look after – ensuring you have the right type of documents to apply for the correct type of visa for your stay in Thailand. So how do you get rid of this headache? You can’t. But, you can lessen the stress by understanding the different types of visas available in Thailand, their requirements, and possibly hiring a professional visa agent to assist you.

But why should you use a visa agency in Thailand for your Visa applications? There is no doubt that you can go to the immigration/embassy to get your visa sorted, but the question is, do you really want to do it all by yourself in a foreign country?

For many, we have found that the language barrier for one is a major issue here. Secondly, with the constant document requests, you go back and forth quite a few times until your visa is all sorted. What we do at TMT visa services is to make it 110% easier and more convenient for you. As a visa service provider, our goal is to find the right type of visa for the purpose of your stay in Thailand. We make sure that you’re eligible for that particular type of visa before applying for it to avoid the stressful situation of doing a visa run and being stranded in a foreign country. Extra benefits also include a local company that can assist you with paperwork for opening a Thai bank account, document translations, and air tickets. It doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner or a Thai wishing to travel abroad.

Applying or renewing your visa in Thailand made easy with TMT Visa Services Phuket | News by Thaiger
Image via TMT Visa Services Phuket

An All In One Solution For Visa Services In Thailand

What originally started as a travel agency back in 2012, TMT Travel was a travel agency that primarily served foreigners in Thailand wanting to go on excursions and tours in Phuket. However, as time passed by, our travel agency slowly turned into a visa guide and assistant simply because of the needs.

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In the early days as a travel agency, TMT helped with visa runs for tourists who had a tourist visa that was about to expire. Back in those days, this meant helping them get to a neighbouring country such as Malaysia or Singapore to get a new visa issued. During that time, we got many questions about how people could stay in Thailand for longer periods to avoid several visa runs. And so, TMT Visa Service was born.

At first, Peter Guis and his Thai partner, Thu, started working on visa solutions with the immigration office to help foreigners stay in the country. But over time, just the two of them were no longer enough. The company grew bigger with one mission to achieve: to become an all-in-one solution for visas and legal services in Thailand. People choose TMT Visa Service because of the great and hassle-free services offered. Today, TMT Visa Service is a well-known visa service agency for Thais and ex-pats alike throughout Thailand.

Retirement In Phuket – A Tropical Paradise Retirement In Thailand

People worldwide are considering retiring and moving overseas, and Thailand is one of the best countries to retire. And suppose you are wondering where in Thailand is best for retirement. In that case, the answer is definitely Phuket. Phuket offers a high quality of life, almost comparable with Western countries. Still, it has so much more to offer, including the most beautiful beaches, excellent infrastructure, entertainment, affordable living, and safety. There are many things to consider, such as legal ways to stay here long term, which area and where to live, health insurance and more before moving to Phuket for retirement.

Applying or renewing your visa in Thailand made easy with TMT Visa Services Phuket | News by Thaiger
Image via TMT Visa Services Phuket

If you‘re planning to retire in Phuket and need an all-in-one service for retirement, do reach out as we offer a wide range of services for retirement in Thailand- whether you are looking for visa solutions, plane tickets, finding your new home, health insurances and it doesn’t stop there!

For those looking for assistance with visas or information about Thailand, or if you have legal questions, do reach out to us at TMT Visa Services. Simply hit the chat button in the bottom right of our website for a free consultation or to sort out your visa in Thailand.

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