Wednesday Covid update: 6,519 new infections+, 54 deaths

PHOTO: Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration

Today, Thailand records another bleak milestone in its ongoing battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. The 6,519 new cases reported today are the highest number of daily infections since May 17, when over 9,000 cases were reported. The big difference is that the vast majority of those were in Thai prisons. Just 55 of today’s new cases are from Thai prisons. In addition, another 54 Covid-related deaths have been reported.

Since the beginning of the month, the number of new cases has consistently remained well above 5,000, with today’s 6,519 being the highest so far for July. Here’s the breakdown since the beginning of the month…

July 1 – 5,533 new infections, 57 deaths
July 2 – 6,087 new infections, 61 deaths
July 3 – 6,230 new infections, 41 deaths
July 4 – 5,916 new infections, 44 deaths
July 5 – 6,166 new infections, 50 deaths
July 6 – 5,420 new infections, 57 deaths
July 7 – 6,519 new infections, 54 deaths

Thailand has now reported 294,653 infections and 2,333 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Meanwhile, some of the country’s top doctors are warning that the highly contagious Delta variant, first reported in India, will be the dominant strain in the Kingdom by the end of the month.

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