Train hits car, killing young girl in South Thailand

Lang Suan Railway Station, where the train had just left before the crash.

A train hit a car at a railway crossing with no barriers in South Thailand’s Chumphon province yesterday. The crash killed 16 year old Piyamat Nilsuk, and injured her brother, 19 year old Payungsak Nilsuk. Police arrived on the scene to find Piyamat and Payungsak’s car badly wrecked, after the crash had made it turn over several times until it landed on the side of the track.

The siblings were rushed to a hospital, where Piyamut was pronounced dead. Payungsak was reportedly driving his sister to a class, and Lang Suan district police plan to question him when he recovers. The police said he was in shock over his sister’s death.

A preliminary investigation found that the train driver had seen the car as he headed towards the crossing. He sounded the horn and tried to brake, but couldn’t stop on time as the car crossed the track. The crossing was unmanned and had no barriers, but there was a train crossing sign.

This news comes after a man in northeast Thailand was hit and killed by a train earlier this month. The 28 year old man’s body was found in the grass, with a broken neck, a fractured skull, and other brutal injuries. The man was a labourer, and his colleagues said the only place they had to relax was out the front of the camp near the train tracks because the inside of the camp is small, not well ventilated and hot.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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