Ranong province still Covid-19 free

PHOTO: The Nation Thailand
Five people in the southern province of Ranong, just north of Phuket, have been placed under observation but initial tests show no signs of a positive infection.

Dr Sathit Timkham explained five Ranong residence displayed symptoms similar to Covid-19 including fever, cough and sore throat have been placed in isolation and will continue to be monitored though initial fluid tests have not tested positive for Covid-19. The patients consist of four Thai nationals and one Burmese citizen.

Ranong is the only region among the 14 southern provinces that is yet to report a confirmed case of Covid-19. Just south of Ranong, Phuket has the highest rate of infection in the country with two additional cases confirmed yesterday, a big drop from recent weeks and the daily tallies.

The Public Health Ministry says Kamphaeng Phet, Trat, Chai Nat, Nan, Beung Kan, Phichit, Ranong, Sing Buri and Ang Thong, are yet to report a confirmed case, the only remaining Covid-19-free provinces in Thailand.

Dr Sathit credits the aggressive steps the government has taken and an effective PR campaign with slowing the spread into the provinces.

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“We have dispatched officials to educate community leaders on how to prevent contracting the virus. This measure coupled with the government’s social distancing policy and curfew order has resulted in fewer numbers of patients under investigation in Ranong.”

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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