Newborns get extra protection with mini-face shields

Bangkok health care professionals have come up with protective face shields for newborns to prevent infection to the most precious among us.

Parents understand the challenge of asking a toddler to wear a mask. (Just take a trip to Tesco while you still can and notice “the couple,” protected head to toe in what looks like a sponsorship deal from 3M, but their toddler, completely exposed.

Face masks can be uncomfortable and annoying but more-so when we are too young to understand the protection they can provide to ourselves and others. Did we mention they are in short supply?

Face shields on the other hand, are far less cumbersome and difficult for little hands to peel away.

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This ease of wearability has inspired the wonderful health care workers at Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital. They are taking the lead making adorable miniature face shield for every baby in the maternity unit, to protect them when relatives and others come to visit them and their mother.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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