Half the population has gained herd immunity, government target is 80%

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The Department of Disease Control says around 50% of the Thai population has attained herd immunity against Covid-19, but the government’s target is 80%. According to Dr Chakkarat Pitayowonganon, around 10% of the population has contracted the virus to date. This figure, combined with the numbers who’ve received 2 doses of a Covid vaccine, followed by a booster, means around half the population should now have herd immunity.

He goes on to stress the importance of boosters, particularly for those in high-risk groups, such as people with underlying health conditions and the elderly. While the younger population of working age may have gathered and socialised during last week’s Songkran celebrations, they are less likely to develop severe symptoms if they contract the virus, given that most are fully vaccinated and have had booster doses.

According to a Bangkok Post report, Chakkarat is more concerned about the elderly. He says there’s a risk the younger age groups could have passed the virus on to elderly relatives during the holiday, adding that around 55% of people in high-risk groups are not vaccinated at all.

The medic is advising everyone who comes into contact with the elderly or others in high-risk categories to wear a face mask, practice social distancing, sleep in separate rooms, and ensure elderly family members are vaccinated.

He adds that while the infection rate has dipped slightly, this could be because there have been fewer PCR and antigen tests taken. Health officials still say daily case numbers could rise to between 50,000 and 100,000 following the Songkran festivities.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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