Thai dengue fever infections rise to 8,147 in three provinces

PHOTO: Brown University

Dengue fever, the painful, sometimes fatal mosquito borne illness also known as “bone break fever,” is making its annual resurgence as heavy rains in many regions of Thailand return with a resultant explosion in the mosquito population.

The deputy director of the Department of Disease Control is warning people to beware, as over the past 3 months, 8,147 people in the central and northern provinces of Ang Thong, Rayong and Phichit, have contracted the disease, and 4 have died.

“The number of infections is very high compared to previous years, so the situation needs to be monitored very carefully.”

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In order to reduce mosquito born illness, he urges people to get rid of potential breeding grounds for mosquito larvae such as buckets or pots that catch rainwater, and to be especially careful of stagnant ponds near residences.

People can call the 1422 DDC hotline for further advice or assistance.

SOURCE: The Nation

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