Pattaya to close “all entertainment venues”

Sources in Patttaya have confirmed tonight that the provincial government of Chon Buri, including the Bang Lamung district, has ordered that, from tomorrow, all entertainment venues must close until the last day of the month. The Pattaya News spoke with the Banglamung Police Chief this evening and confirmed the information. He says it’s a proactive measure to reduce the potential spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus .

Pattaya has not reported a single confirmed case of the virus.

The announcement affects all bars, cinemas, sports venues, karaoke bars, nightclubs, beer bars, massage parlors, “gentlemen’s clubs,” et al, regardless of their size. It is not an alcohol sales ban. Alcohol will still available from stores.

It does not affect restaurants, malls or shops, which may stay open provided they ensure proper hygiene measures and enforce “social distancing” of at least one metre physical separation between patrons.

The move does not denote a “lockdown,” as people are free to move about as normal; it is simply a proactive closure of venues that have mass gatherings and potential close contact of large numbers of people. The order is meant to temporarily increase social distancing and prohibit large congregations of people.

This decision will effectively put one of the world’s biggest party cities into suspended animation for weeks, and tens of thousands out of work (“temporarily”) in a city that depends on nightlife industry for over 80% of its revenue.

This is a developing story and The Thaiger will keep you posted with latest developments.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

Jack Burton

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