Chinese Embassy condemns bad-mouthing of Sinovac vaccine

PHOTO: The Chinese Embassy in Bangkok defends the Sinovac vaccine. (via Flickr Jernej Furman)

The Chinese Embassy in Bangkok has lashed out at those bad-mouthing the Sinovac vaccine and Chinese goodwill towards Thailand. In a post on Facebook yesterday, a spokesman for the embassy said that organisations and individuals in Thailand trying to discredit the vaccine are doing so without a scientific basis.

The post implied that these detractors should feel some gratitude that China kept a constant supply of vaccines to Thailand despite China’s own need for vaccines with demand outpacing production. The post paints China as a supporting partner to Thailand in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Every dose of the Chinese vaccine represents the genuine friendship of the Chinese government and people toward the Thai government and the Thai people.”

The Chinese Embassy defended the quality and efficacy of the vaccine by pointing out that it has been approved by the Thai Food and Drug Administration, approved by the World Health Organisation for emergency use, and undergone rigorous testing, research, and human trials. They say that Sinovac has been keeping abreast of Covid-19 variants and constantly studying the effects on those who received their vaccine.

To defend its efficacy the Chinese Embassy pointed to studies by the Public Health Ministry in Chile and the government of Indonesia. In the first study, researchers in Chile said on August 5 that they found Sinovac to be 86% effective in avoiding death and serious illness for people hospitalized with Covid-19. The study in Indonesia was released the next day and found that Sinovac was 92% to 95% effective at stopping infected patients from dying.

Studies around the world have shown that the Sinovac vaccine has been weak in fighting the Delta variant of Covid-19, but studies have also shown that it has reduced illness in infected patients and been very effective at preventing death. The Chinese Embassy ask that those who speak badly about the vaccine in an attempt to discredit it stop their harmful attacks.

They did say though that, despite the multitude of disparaging remarks, China will not stop its cooperation with Thailand in the fight against Covid-19.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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