Buri Ram grandmother accidentally gets 2 Covid vaccine doses in 1 day

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A 70 year old Thai woman went to a vaccination centre in the Isaan province Buri Ram for her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, but nurses accidentally administered two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Somwang Jukul told Thai media that sometime after she had received one injection, she had been called over by another nurse and received a second injection in her other arm. Somwang says she didn’t know it was a mistake.

Somwang told Thai media reporters that she went to the vaccination centre with her husband and her son, who is a lawyer, and another relative. All family members were due to get their second dose of AstraZeneca following their initial dose of Sinovac they got late last month.

The family completed the initial assessment, which included getting their temperature and blood pressure checked. They were then asked to go to a vaccination zone in the reportedly crowded vaccination centre. The family members went to different tables while nurses gave them their inoculations.

Somwang says she got a dose in her right arm. She says she waited for a bit, as instructed, and then left with her document. When she was walking away, a different nurse called her over to a different table and instructed Somwang to sit down. The nurse then administered another vaccine dose without asking Somwang any questions. The second dose went into Somwang’s left arm. Somwang did not complain because she did not realise a mistake had been made.

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As she was leaving the zone, she ran into her son and recounted how she just got 2 vaccine doses. She says her son appeared shocked at this news and inquired if she was feeling ok.

Somwang adds that she has not noticed any serious symptoms, only a little bit of a fever and that she feels exhausted and drowsy. She does say is worried. Boonsong, Somwang’s son, says he pushed his father in a wheelchair to the vaccination table, but his mother walked by herself because she is strong.

The son adds that he was shocked by the news that his mother just got double dosed, but he didn’t want to tell the medical officials as his mom wasn’t showing any unusual symptoms. Boonsong does say that he did eventually call the provincial public health office to tell them of what had transpired. He says officials have called back multiple times to see how his mother was doing.

Boonsong says he hasn’t considered filing a complaint despite being worried but will wait to see if anything is wrong with his mother.

The Bangkok Post says a man had posted a photo on Facebook and wrote that Somwang received two doses of the vaccine in one day, but she is doing well.

The only one in Buri Ram. Grandma Somwang Jukul received two shots of AZ at the same time on Aug 14. This morning a health official called and asked about her conditions out of concern. She is doing well. Thanks all for showing care for her.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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