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International tourists still can’t enter Thailand, so the country is using this time to rebrand their tourism promotions. The aim is to add some “trust” in regards to the country’s health profile with hopes that tourists will visit Thailand worry-free.

Tourism is going from the “Amazing Thailand” brand to “Amazing Trusted Thailand.” The intention is that they want tourists to feel safe after the world coronavirus pandemic and will see Thailand as a ‘safe haven’. Thailand’s Authority of Tourism governor Yuthasak Supasorn said the rebrand is focusing on trust rather mass tourism.

‘We estimate international markets will return in October, so all related agencies are working on a proper recovery plan that won’t risk a second wave of the pandemic after our proven record of effective virus control during the first wave,” Supasorn told the Bangkok Post.

So far, international flights into Thailand are banned until at least the end of June. Even if tourists are allowed to enter, it might not be many to start with. Tourism, an industry Thailand heavily relies on, is expected to continue to decline this year. The TAT predicts at 65% drop whilst industry pundits are talking more like 70-80% drop, assuming tourists start arriving in the final quarter of the year.

“The TAT is looking into a travel strategy that foreign tourists from low-risk countries and matches them with low-risk Thai provinces.”

But there are some people working in the hospitality industry who believe the campaign may backfire. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one tourism consultant told The Thaiger that they feared the photos of masked staff, shop QR codes, overtly ‘healthy’ promotions and hand sanitisers at every doorway may send the opposite message – that the country has something to cover up – constantly reminding people about the virus rather than allowing them to get away from it.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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