3 markets and 2 companies closed in Pattaya for Covid-19

PHOTO: Markets were closed for deep cleaning in Pattaya for Covid-19 safety. (via Pattaya News)

After new clusters of Covid-19 were discovered in Pattaya, Chon Buri provincial officials have ordered 3 markets in the city temporarily closed as well as 2 companies in the area. The markets that have been ordered closed in Pattaya City are New Market Nakla, Amorn Nakhon and Lan Poe Naklua. The 2 closing companies are Yian Hai Electronics Company Limited and Huay Yai Jeen ice factory.

The three markets were closed in Pattaya after uncovering 37 people infected with Covid-19. The discovery came as a result of proactive Coronavirus testing involving 1,450 people in total between the 3 markets. So far the closure order is only for one day while they thoroughly clean each of the marketplaces.

It is hoped that cleaning and disinfecting everything in the 3 Pattaya markets will help prevent the possibility of Covid-19 from spreading any further. But officials are also looking to designate the marketplaces as high-risk locations in order to prioritize and speed up vaccination there.

The Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City said that the biggest problem facing them now is untested and under-reported cases. Many people are not taking tests for Covid-19 and then asymptomatically spreading the virus unintentionally and unaware of their actions. Others are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 and either ignoring them or choosing to self-isolate instead of reporting them to medical facilities where they face being checked into a hospital or field facility for 14 days.

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Unlike the 1-day closure of the Pattaya markets, the electronics company located in Thung Sukhala, Si Racha has been ordered to close from yesterday until July 11. In Huayyai, Bang Lamung, the ice factory has also been closed since yesterday and order to remain closed until July 15. The exact number of Covid-19 infections is not available, but officials intend to provide assistance for those who were stopped from working and put into quarantine regardless of whether or not they were infected. All the workers, managers, and owners on-site will be required to follow strict safety regulations.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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