Top International Schools in Sukhumvit – and what is unique about them

by Daniel Lummis

There are numerous challenges to be faced when living in a country with a culture very different to your own but perhaps the most difficult, for parents at any rate, is that of choosing a school in which your children will thrive and receive a first-class education.

Bangkok is home to many excellent international schools but facilities, curricula and educational philosophies may vary significantly from one establishment to the next, making selecting the right one a tough task for expatriates living in the city.

To make this task just a little easier, we are going to take a brief look at 5 of the top international schools located in the Sukhumvit area, briefly outlining what each of them has to offer.

Top Five International Schools in Sukhumvit

All of the following schools are well worthy of consideration if you are currently looking for an educational establishment that is capable of offering your child a first-class education in a safe and stimulating environment.

  • NISTNIST International School is located in Sukhumvit Soi 15 and is a not-for-profit educational institution that offers all 3 globally-recognised International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes to its students. A short walk from both Nana and Asok BTS stations, the school campus is easy to reach from almost anywhere in the city and boasts well-maintained tennis courts, a generously-proportioned sports field and a swimming pool, among other facilities. NIST employs a progressive approach towards education and is a great choice for parents who would like to encourage their children to explore whenever they are given the opportunity and to take calculated risks in later life. Like many international schools in Bangkok, NIST caters to students aged from 3-19 (years 1 – 13). With many NIST graduates going on to attend some of the best universities across the globe, academic achievements are obviously a priority at this school.
  • ELC City School – Unlike the other schools in our top 5, ELC City School only offers educational programmes covering years 1-6 so if you decide that this is the right school for your children, you will need to look elsewhere once they have completed their elementary education. The ELC City School campus is situated in Sukhumvit Soi 49, close to Phrom Phong and Thong Lor BTS stations, and has been landscaped to provide a natural retreat in the heart of the city, where children can play, explore and relax in between lessons. Because ELC focuses on younger children, they place a greater emphasis on physical and social development than some other schools, helping children to interact with their peers and become more confident as they make their way through the first 6 years of their education. ELC also has two other campuses in Sukhumvit, catering to children from 18 months up to 5 years of age.

  • Bangkok Prep – Situated in Sukhumvit Soi 53, literally a stone’s throw from Thong Lor BTS station, Bangkok Prep is one of the most conveniently located international schools in the whole of the city. Offering a fully accredited programme based on the National Curriculum of England, it is an excellent choice for British parents as well as parents of other nationalities who would like their children to receive a well-rounded education delivered by an experienced and highly qualified teaching body. The large, leafy campus provides a fantastic environment for students – who range from 3-19 years of age – and is much larger than it appears from the outside. With small classes, a traditional British approach to education, and modern facilities that include an indoor sports complex, outdoor swimming pool, 350-seat auditorium, well-stocked library and superbly equipped computer rooms, Bangkok Prep should definitely be on your shortlist if you are looking at international schools in the Sukhumvit area.
  • St AndrewsSt Andrews International School, in common with the final school on our list, is located some distance away from central Sukhumvit, in Soi 107. However, the nearest BTS station (Bearing) is just a couple of hundred metres away, so it is still easy to reach for children living in other parts of Bangkok. Following the English National Curriculum, within the IB framework, St Andrews offers IGCSEs for years 10 and 11, and the IB Diploma for years 12 and 13. The well-laid out campus features plenty of green spaces, a FIFA-standard football pitch, modern science labs, a swimming pool and a 200-seat theatre. St Andrews aims to provide students with a nurturing, community environment that helps each child to reach his or her full potential. An interactive learning approach, together with a well-structured curriculum, ensures that students are given every opportunity to excel during their time at the school.

  • Bangkok Patana – This venerable institution was established over 50 years ago and is the oldest British international school in Thailand. Located in Sukhumvit Soi 105, it is not quite so easy to reach as some of the schools in our list but at just under 3 kilometres from Bearing BTS station, it is far from a difficult journey as far as most students living in central Sukhumvit are concerned. With 2 swimming pools, 2 sports fields, mini tennis courts and a modern sports hall at the main campus, as well as a large, multi-purpose sports complex just over the road, Bangkok Patana cannot be accused of neglect when it comes to the subject of physical education. The school also boasts an excellent record as far as academic achievements are concerned: in 2017, Bangkok Patana’s IB Diploma students managed a 100% pass rate, which is significantly higher than the global average of 80%.

When making your final decision, it is important to consider not just the academic achievements of the schools you are evaluating, but their location, facilities, and the core values they promote too. The time that your child or children spend at school will leave an indelible mark on them for the rest of their life and you want to make sure that this mark is a positive one. For information on fees and available places, you should contact each school directly.

Daniel Lummis
Managing Director | High Jump Digital

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