Thais prefer to live close to hospitals, not public transportation

Thai consumers now prioritise healthcare facilities and want to avoid busy and crowded locations. The outbreak of Covid 19 has altered real estate demand away from easy access to public transportation and toward hospitals and better healthcare.

A survey was conducted by DDproperty during the first half of 2022, where they asked 1,000 locals aged between 22 and 69 about their preferences for living and property purchases.

88% of respondents preferred a home near a hospital. 65% of those surveyed preferred housing close to amenities like banks and supermarkets. 66% said they avoided travelling to crowded places.

Customers’ top priority when selecting a property is to buy somewhere close to hospitals, according to the country manager of DDproperty, Kamolpat Swaengkit.

“Covid-19 has spurred awareness about accessibility to healthcare services. Consumers want a residential unit in locations that can easily reach hospitals to help plan their long-term healthcare.”

In the past, living close to public transportation was a priority until 2022, when it fell to third place with 59% of the votes.

“This is the first time proximity to hospitals has scored so highly. It shows people are more concerned about their health now than previously.”

Thais, according to the survey, also value the developer’s financial incentives, such as discounts or cash back. The developer’s catalogue of previous projects also comes into play when they choose a property.

According to the research, the habits of customers have changed, with over 60% now paying more attention to their health and having a better lifestyle.

Nearly 60% of those surveyed said they preferred to have a job that would allow them to work at home, or at least have a flexible schedule.

Half of respondents said they had spent more time with their loved ones, but 31% said they are still worried about Covid because some of their loved ones had been sick with the virus.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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