Location location location: “So why Cherngtalay, Phuket’s northwest coast?”

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Popular tourist spots in Phuket include Patong, the old town, and Phromthep Cape, which are all on everyone’s bucket list. Undoubtedly, visiting one of these popular destinations is fun and exciting, but the crowds can be overpowering at times. For a refreshing change of scenery, visit Cherngtalay, one of Phuket’s hottest neighbourhoods filled with charm and character!

Phuket is already a well-known international travel and retirement destination. Phuket’s west coast offers the ideal lifestyle whether you are looking to reside there, own a holiday home, retire, or have a weekend getaway. It has miles of natural beaches, a crystal blue ocean, and breathtaking sunsets.

Cherngtalay is one of Phuket’s highly wanted neighbourhoods for a variety of reasons. It has easy connectivity to leisure facilities such as upscale restaurants, family-friendly locations, beach clubs, and a golf course. Cherngtalay’s accessible location, near some of Phuket’s best beaches, makes it a great neighbourhood to live in.

It’s approximately 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport, 10 minutes to the beautiful beach, 10 minutes to UWC International school, and 10 minutes to Porto de Phuket and Blue Tree Phuket.

Since the beginning of 2022, 42% of Europeans bought properties in Phuket alone. 15% are Asians and 10% are from the US. The average sales price of properties in Phuket is on the rise, slightly higher than what was on offer before the outbreak.

If you’re looking to own a property in Phuket, especially in Cherngtalay then look no further than Trichada Breeze. It’s the fourth development under the Trichada brand, focusing on larger villas with 3 to 4 bedrooms. Each villa has its own pool and parking, and covers between 200 to 400 square metres on 300 to 700 square metres of land. On top of that, the villas are surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens. It is like having your own private sanctuary of luxury and style! Trichada Breeze is developed by Bangtao Paradise Construction, who also developed Trichada Sky, Trichada Tropical and Trichada Villas.

Location location location: "So why Cherngtalay, Phuket's northwest coast?" | News by Thaiger
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There is an increasing demand for larger homes since the pandemic, and according to the owner of Trichada, mainly it’s because of work from home rather than being somewhere on holiday. One of the bedrooms will be converted into an office. The prices of land in Phuket are fairly high, driving the prices of properties to increase. He believes people are looking for larger properties with more bedrooms and larger living spaces.

Compared to the past 10 years, the trend has shifted. Bigger plots of land are getting a lot more attention with nice gardens and pools. However, there is one major trend in Phuket real estate which is that people value the location of their potential property. In the past, people wanted a property near the beach so they could easily walk to them. Easy access to the beach is still valuable, but other factors are also important such as proximity to restaurants, golf courses or international schools. Basically opting for something that fits their lifestyle.

Trichada Breeze is located in a great neighbourhood with world-class restaurants access to golf courses and kilometres of sandy beach. Within a few minutes of your property, new water and amusement park will open soon, providing entertainment alternatives for you and your family. An expansion of the Boat Avenue food and shopping centre, as well as a Central Food Development close to Boat Avenue, will add to the exciting facilities.

With new home projects, new trendy places, and a lifestyle shopping complex, this area is always growing. There is a lot of development going on, but it will let Cherngtalay develop as quickly as possible.

The property market in Cherngtalay has constantly been a hotspot for both residential and investment properties. With over a hundred apartments and villas on the market, there is something for everyone.

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