New rooftop dining experience overlooking the Andaman at The Nai Harn

Red alert Phuket foodies.

The Nai Harn is once again raising the bar on island gastronomy with the launch of Prime @ Rock Salt, a new rooftop venue that promises exclusive dining experiences with spectacular views of the beach and sea. The new restaurant will begin welcoming diners from the end of November 2018.

Perched on top of Rock Salt, The Nai Harn’s popular beachfront restaurant, ‘Prime’ is an exclusive eatery with just 20 seats. This intimate size allows the chefs to create highly personalised dining experiences, including serene sunset dinners and private events for small groups.

“Diners will be dazzled by dramatic live cooking experiences, with an open kitchen that features a custom-built wood-fired oven and Santa Maria-style barbecue grill. This allows Executive Chef Mark Jones and his team to roast, smoke or chargrill at temperatures of up to 700 degrees Celsius.”

“Prime @ Rock Salt is a new dining destination for Phuket and you could not ask for a better setting. The rooftop at Rock Salt affords spectacular sea views, especially at sunset and later when the stars fill the night sky,” said Frank Grassmann, General Manager of  The Nai Harn.

“Combining this stunning setting with an exceptional menu, Prime is set to become the ultimate setting for unforgettable evenings, including romantic dinners and exclusive events.”

From custom-built kitchens to premium produce, everything about Prime@Rocksalt is focused on creating fantastic flavours. The appetizers feature some of the finest imported ingredients from around the world, including Spanish octopus, French goat’s cheese, Scottish salmon and Cornish mackerel, all expertly prepared in innovative ways that showcase the sublime flavours. Diners can also indulge in an assortment of house-cured signature cold cuts presented with a choice of pickles, condiments and freshly-baked breads.

‘Prime’ also serves a selection of world-class steaks from Australia’s Rangers Valley, which is famous for producing the most incredible marbled Black Angus and wagyu beef from grain-fed cattle in New South Wales. Diners can choose from 400-day grain-fed Diamantina wagyu flank steak or 360-day wagyu rib-eye steak, perfectly chargrilled and served with a bone marrow and confit onion bread pudding, asparagus and red wine jus.

For an intimate yet extravagant feast, couples can share an exquisite 270-day Black Onyx Angus côte de boeuf, cooked over flames and oak chips, or indulge in barbecued glazed short ribs, slow-cooked for 48 hours then finished in the wood-fired oven. An extensive selection of fine wines – all of them hand-picked by global wine critic James Suckling – provides the ideal accompaniment to every meal.

With its modest size, stunning sea views and mouth-watering menu, Prime@Rocksalt is set to elevate Phuket’s culinary scene to impressive new heights.

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