Vietnam eases entry procedures for foreign employees and returnees with valid visas

Airport in Dalat, Vietnam | Stock photo by Andrew Hoang for Unsplash

Foreigners with valid visas can now enter Vietnam without having to get approval from the immigration offices or local authorities, starting from Tuesday as the government eased entry restrictions. This means people with valid temporary residence cards (TRCs), permanent residence cards (PRCs), valid visas, and valid visa exemption certificates will be able to enter Vietnam without any permission from the relevant offices.

Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh has also agreed with the new guidelines, adding that local authorities should continue to make it easier for foreigners without visas to enter the country, including obtaining approval and providing instructions on how to do so. Those who want to visit Vietnam for sightseeing must adhere to all restrictions that apply to international visitors.

Before entering Vietnam, travellers must prepare a list of documents, including approvals from the People’s Committee and the Department of Immigration, proof of vaccination, PCR test results, and a health insurance certificate for quarantine, before the government grants entry although it might take weeks.

For foreigners who still need a visa, city and provincial offices should be providing them with favourable conditions in case they need to enter Vietnam to work, study, or join charity works.

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From January 1, Vietnam partially restored regular commercial flights to China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, and the US.

Travellers with a history of Covid-19 infection must self-isolate for three days, either at home, in hotels, or in other facilities, and then test on the third day. If the result is negative, they will be free to go around, although they will be monitored for their health for the next 11 days and advised to avoid large crowds.

Those who have not had all of their vaccinations will be self-isolated for seven days before being tested on the third and seventh days. All PRC tests must be paid for by travellers.

SOURCE: VN Express

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