Ukraine military intelligence chief warns swift response to Russian missile strikes

Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, General Kyrylo Budanov, has issued a warning of a swift retaliation following a series of Russian missile attacks on Kyiv. He stated that Monday’s strikes did not intimidate the capital’s residents, who carried on with their daily lives. Officials confirmed that all missiles were intercepted, with no casualties reported. However, flaming debris from the downed missiles fell in residential areas in central Kyiv.

The recent attack came after two consecutive nights of heavy drone strikes, marking the 16th air assault on the Ukrainian capital this month. This latest strike was unusual as it took place during the day and appeared to target the city centre, while previous attacks in May occurred at night and aimed at crucial infrastructure or air defences on the outskirts. General Budanov expressed his desire to disappoint Russia’s supporters by informing them that Kyiv’s residents were undaunted by the attack and continued working afterward. In a statement released by Ukraine’s intelligence ministry, he added, “Our answer will not be long.”

Reports indicate that only one person was injured, and all missiles were destroyed by Ukrainian air defences. Russian authorities claimed that all their targets had been hit. Air raid sirens were also heard across several other Ukrainian regions. Kyiv’s local military commanders accused Russia of altering its tactics and intentionally targeting civilians. It seems that Moscow aims to increase its pressure on Ukraine even further before launching any counter-offensive.

Oleksandr Scherba, ambassador-at-large at Ukraine’s ministry of foreign affairs, told the BBC that the last few days had been challenging for Kyiv residents. “Almost every night, the skies look and sound like another Star Wars episode, but we don’t feel much of Russian rockets hitting their targets here within the city area. And this is all thanks to the decent countries, decent people of the world who gave us this air defence,” he said.

Scherba added that life in the capital was far from normal, with drone attacks and sleepless nights becoming “part of our routine.” On Sunday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky commended the country’s air defence forces after Kyiv endured the largest drone attack since the war began. “You are heroes,” Zelensky stated, following reports that most of the drones launched by Russia were shot down.

In recent attacks, Russia has employed kamikaze drones and various cruise and ballistic missiles, aiming to weaken and damage Ukraine’s air defences before initiating its anticipated counter-offensive. Ukraine has been preparing a counter-offensive for months, seeking as much time as possible to train troops and receive military equipment from Western allies.

On Monday, the governor of Russia’s Belgorod region reported that several frontier settlements were being simultaneously shelled by Ukrainian forces. Meanwhile, Russian forces have been fortifying their defences in the captured regions of south-eastern Ukraine.

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