Sunak faces revived Tory chaos as Boris Johnson resigns as MP

The political landscape in the United Kingdom has been shaken once again with the unexpected resignation of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson as an MP. This development has reignited the internal squabbles within the Conservative Party that had somewhat subsided during Rishi Sunak’s seven-month tenure as Prime Minister. Sunak, who has been struggling in opinion polls, now faces the challenge of dealing with a disgruntled electorate and the unpredictable influence of his predecessor.

Boris Johnson’s resignation caught Downing Street off guard, as they only learned of his decision when the public did. His actions have sparked mixed reactions among Conservative MPs. Some view him as the best Tory prime minister since Margaret Thatcher, while others believe he should never have been allowed near Downing Street. Comparisons have been drawn between Johnson and former US President Donald Trump, both known for their charisma and capacity for controversy.

A senior Conservative described Johnson’s resignation honours list as reminiscent of a “medieval king, rewarding his gang.” Another figure who has known him closely for years said he has taken “unedifying to a whole new level.” However, there are those who are deeply saddened by his departure, crediting him for their political careers.

With Boris Johnson unlikely to fade into obscurity, the internal conflict within the Conservative Party looks set to continue. A former cabinet minister shared their thoughts on the matter: “The party still doesn’t feel Sunak is a winner, even those who dislike Boris. It isn’t over…” As a result, Johnson remains at the centre of attention, leaving onlookers wondering what his next move will be.

The ghost of Boris Johnson now haunts Rishi Sunak, adding more challenges to the current Prime Minister’s already difficult situation.

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