South Korea gives North Korea a warning

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South Korea isn’t playing around when it comes to North Korea’s nuclear programme. South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol gave North Korea a little warning at South Korea’s 74th Armed Forces Day ceremony on Saturday.

Yoon stated that if North Korea attempted to use nuclear weapons, it would face a “determined and overwhelming response.”

Yoon reaffirmed that South Korea and the US’s militaries would both strongly to North Korea’s provocations if they needed to. He said that North Korea’s recent law declaring itself a “nuclear weapons state” was a threat to South Korea’s survival and well-being. Yoon once again called for Kim Jong Un to denuclearise.

This news comes after North Korea last week launched two ballistic missiles from its capital of Pyongyang into the East Sea. North Korea has so far launched missiles 20 times this year.

US Vice President Kamala Harris today visited South Korea on September 29. She met with Yoon to chat about the threat that North Korea poses. Harris also visited the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. During the visit, Harris said that North Korea was a country with a “brutal dictatorship.”

After Harris left, North Korea fired another two missiles in the direction of her flight.

North Korea has a reputation for its hatred of the outside world. In April this year, leader Kim Jong-un warned the world that North Korea is ready to use nuclear weapons against foreign powers at “any time” if provoked.

Earlier this month, North Korea called a United Nations special rapporteur on North Korean Human Rights a “puppet of the US.”

Last month, North Korea released a statement denying that it had ever sold weapons to Russia. It said that the United States and other “hostile forces” were spreading rumours to “pursue its base political and military aims.”

SOURCE: CNN | Reuters

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