Russia threatens up to 15 years for ‘fake news’ on military actions in Ukraine

Russia amended its criminal code yesterday and passed a law making the spread of ‘fake’ information a criminal offense. Intentionally spreading so-called fake information about the country’s military actions in the Ukraine can now be punishable with fines, and up to 15 years imprisonment. Russia’s lower house of parliament outlined a ‘sliding scale’ of penalties for people who have discredited the military, with harsher penalties for those who intentionally spread ‘fake’ information or called for unsanctioned public action.

Russia’s RIA news agency says access the BBC Russian service, Radio Liberty, and Meduza media are being limited. Meanwhile, US broadcasters CBS News, ABC News, CNN, and Bloomberg have suspended operations in Russia following the new law. Russia often complains that Western media is anti-Russian, and doesn’t hold the West’s own leaders accountable for wars and corruption.

Russian officials don’t use the word ‘invasion’ when discussing its military’s recent actions in the Ukraine. They say Western media has failed to report on what they call a ‘genocide’ of Russian-speaking people in the Ukraine. Russian President Validimir Putin calls Russia’s military actions in the Ukraine a ‘special military operation’, and says they are necessary for Russia’s security. The chair of the lower house of parliament said yesterday that the law will be enforced starting today.

“Literally by tomorrow this law will force punishment- and very tough punishment- on those who lied and made statements which discredited our armed forces”.

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SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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Tara Abhasakun

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