Heroic bridegroom halts wedding to save life of a man at another wedding reception

A bridegroom has been hailed a hero after he put his wedding on hold to save the life of a guest at another wedding reception.

The Chinese groom, who works as a nurse, was just about to make a speech at his wedding when he heard a call if there was a doctor or nurse in the room. A man had collapsed and fallen unconscious in a neighbouring banquet hall.

The incident took place on May 7 in Huai’an City, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, reported the South China Morning Post. Feng Luokun, an emergency nurse at a local hospital, swiftly responded to the call. His bride, who also heard the plea, encouraged her husband without hesitation. She said…

“Go save a life first. I will wait for you.”

Upon arriving at the scene, Feng discovered that the victim was having a seizure and losing consciousness. He suspected that the man was experiencing an epileptic episode. A video clip circulating online shows Feng asking wedding guests to call an ambulance before carefully placing a cloth in the patient’s mouth to prevent them from accidentally biting their tongue.

Some of Feng’s nurse colleagues who were attending the wedding joined him. Within 10 minutes an ambulance arrived to transport the patient to a hospital.

Local media reports disclosed that the patient, a relative of another wedding party in the nearby banquet hall, had a history of epilepsy but had not experienced a seizure for more than a decade.

Following treatment at the hospital, the patient regained consciousness, and his grateful family extended thanks to Feng.

Feng told Huaian TV…

“As a medical worker, I think I should do my job in such a situation.”

The moment went viral on Weibo last week, attracting over two million views from various media platforms. One netizen commented…

“The groom is so kind to save someone’s life on his own wedding day. I wish them happiness in marriage and a hundred years of good life together.”

Another online observer said…

“This kind of good man is worth marrying. Not only is he kind, but he also respects his bride. So, ladies, keep your eyes peeled for a good husband.”

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