Vietnamese man loses hearing after showering with cold water at night

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A 30 year old Vietnamese man experienced a sudden hearing loss in his left ear while taking a cold shower at night, and within just two days, his hearing was irreversibly impaired. Medical experts from the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at Hong Ngoc General Hospital in Vietnam identified that the patient’s loss of hearing resulted from his routine of taking cold showers at night. The cold water caused a constriction of blood vessels responsible for the circulation within the inner ear, leading to sudden and severe hearing impairment.

According to the doctors, the suitable treatment period for such cases is within 24 to 48 hours after the appearance of abnormal symptoms. In this particular case, the patient did not seek medical help immediately after noticing the loss of hearing, causing him to miss the critical window for treatment and increasing the likelihood of permanent hearing damage.

Instead of the traditional methods of injecting and orally administering medications, the doctors prescribed corticosteroids injection through the ear canal. This treatment helps to improve blood circulation in the inner ear and repair damaged nerve cells. After seven days of treatment, the patient’s hearing condition did improve, reports Sanook.

The medical professionals highlighted that sudden hearing loss often occurs in one ear and is most noticeable in the morning upon waking up. This emergency medical condition can affect people of all ages. Therefore, if one experiences any abnormal symptoms such as hearing loss, a blocked ear, dizziness, or pressure in the ear, it is crucial to seek medical assistance from a hospital for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The story of this Vietnamese man highlights the importance of seeking immediate medical help when faced with sudden hearing loss. It also serves as a warning for others to be mindful of their bathing habits and the potential dangers of using cold water, especially at night as it may lead to serious and irreversible consequences for one’s health.

Last year, the Department of Disease Control issued a warning for people to avoid consuming raw pork meat, as 101 locals in the Isaan provinces were infected with streptococcus suis, commonly known as hearing loss fever among Thai people.

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