Malaysian man’s short paternity leave ends in wife’s tragic death, leading to labour rights scrutiny

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A Malaysian man faced heartbreak when his employer granted only two days of paternity leave for the birth of his child, resulting in his return home to discover his wife dead, and his newborn desperately crying. Public outcry surrounds the employer’s decision, resulting in calls for labour rights scrutiny. This incident happened in Malaysia.

According to reports, the man works as a delivery driver. Last month, his wife was about to give birth, so he submitted a leave request to be present for the birth and help out postpartum. However, his employer granted him only two days off instead of the seven days mandated by the government. On May 5, his wife gave birth, and he spent May 5 and 6 at home, caring for his newborn. He inevitably returned to work on May 7.

Unbeknownst to him, when his working day ended on May 9, he returned home to find his wife lifeless, her body stiff, and their child crying heavily due to hunger.

Following this tragic event, the man felt immense guilt and held himself responsible for his wife’s sudden death. He believed he hadn’t been a good husband, unable to be there when she needed him, and not even present at her last moments. Since then, he has cried every day, unable to forget the pain and loss.

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As the heart-wrenching story was reported, many people were shaken, condemning the employer’s shameless behaviour for violating the man’s labour rights. The case has led to calls for officials to re-examine labour laws.

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