Malaysian man saves bouquet for mum after surviving car crash

Photo courtesy of 马铃薯叔叔日志 Uncle Kentang (Facebook)

A young Malaysian man’s car crash resulted in a heart-rending twist. Although he narrowly escaped harm, he clung desperately to a bouquet of flowers, prompting passersby to speculate he was bringing them to a beloved girlfriend. However, the young man revealed that the bouquet was actually for his mother, stirring emotions among those who witnessed the event.

The incident was shared on Facebook by a local celebrity, known as ‘Uncle Kentang.’ In his post, he underlined the preciousness of the man saving the bouquet instead of his mobile phone, recounting the details of the car crash he witnessed. He said…

“This car sped past in front of me and was hit by another vehicle.”

Instinctively, he rushed to help the young man, who was still holding onto the bouquet tightly after he had safely escaped the wrecked vehicle. Uncle Kentang asked the youth to contact his family. However, the man revealed that his mobile phone was inside the car.

Uncle Kentang couldn’t suppress his curiosity. He asked…

“Why are you holding onto that bouquet? Is it for your girlfriend? Is she that important to you, have you been in love with her for a long time, buying her flowers early in the morning?”

But the young man’s response tugged at their heartstrings. He said…

“Uncle, I don’t have a girlfriend, these flowers are for my mother.”

He further disclosed that it was his mother’s birthday and he had excitedly bought the flowers for her. The revelation left Uncle Kentang amazed at the extent of the young man’s love for his mother, Sanook reported.

Regardless, Uncle Kentang didn’t leave the accident scene immediately. Instead, he waited together with the young man for the latter’s mother to arrive. As his mother arrived, she couldn’t help breaking down in tears and held onto her son tightly.

Taking the opportunity, Uncle Kentang spoke to the mother…

“You should be proud, you have a son who loves you a lot.”

In the concluding part of his post, Uncle Kentang expressed hopes that the youth’s actions will inspire other young people to spend more time with their ageing parents. He wished good health and safety for all parents.

His post was praised by netizens, commending the young man for his devotion and love. Comments flooded in with messages expressing sentiments such as…

“Good kid.”


“I am a mother and I am deeply moved to tears.”

“Having a child like this is a mother’s pride.”

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