Malaysian influencer solicits free kebab for ‘being pretty’

PHOTO: A Malaysian influencer caught backlash for her "free kebabs for being pretty stunt." (via TikTok)

A Malaysian social media influencer is catching heat for her pompous attitude about hustling free kebabs just for being sexy. It seems that the age-old adage of “beauty gets you everything” has been proven once again, this time by TikTok user @_erynamira. Or was it?

The influencer recently went viral for a video showcasing her ability to get free kebabs just by using a few well-placed pickup lines. In the video, she and a friend managed to secure themselves two kebabs from a restaurant in the lively Kuala Lumpur neighbourhood of Bukit Bintang, with the caption “Doesn’t it feel great being pretty? All you need is to drop a few pickup lines.”

But the reception to this video was not as positive as they might have hoped for. Social media users were quick to call out the distastefulness of the social media influencer’s actions, especially in light of her previous statement that she wouldn’t date someone from a low-income background. The irony was not lost on netizens who noted that she posts an allegedly posh lifestyle but is then essentially begging for some street food.

“You act like you’re rich but to eat shawarma also you need to flirt first”

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In a surprise twist, it seems that the entire scene was staged and potentially even sponsored by the restaurant. A Twitter user posted a screenshot of a conversation with the waiter who gave them kebabs in the video, in which he claimed that the influencer asked him to act out the flirting scene. He said that the whole thing was fake.

“It’s just a scene. She told me to do it. She [came to] review our restaurant only, because she has a lot of followers.”

The stunt may have gotten the social media influencer a few free kebabs and some viral fame, but it has also earned her a considerable amount of backlash from the online community. The lighthearted joking tone of the video was not well received and instead highlighted preferential treatment and privilege for attractive people. The video came across as distasteful and painted social media influencers in a bad light.

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