Malaysia considers private polytechnics to boost TVET graduate marketability

The Higher Education Ministry (MoHE) in Malaysia is exploring the possibility of establishing industry-led private polytechnics to improve the quality and employability of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) graduates in the country. Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin stated that this proposal aligns with MoHE’s series of initiatives aimed at putting TVET and polytechnic education on an equal footing with universities.

“TVET is not only about vocational and technical skills but also the ability to handle technology. It must be presented as a stream with a bright future. Among the efforts we are making is the opening of five Pusat Asasi TVET which will serve as a direct channel to all technical universities in the country beginning this year,” said Nordin.

In addition, community colleges across the nation will provide the broadest possible opportunities for all communities to participate in lifelong education courses without the need for any preliminary qualifications.

Nordin also mentioned that diploma holders from polytechnics would have the chance to transfer credits and directly enter the second year if they continue their studies at technology and technical universities. “The agenda to strengthen TVET is crucial to ensure that it becomes a field of focus and choice in this country. We are on the right track,” he added.

Furthermore, MoHE will collaborate with other ministries to create a higher education ecosystem that is pro-students. As an Umno representative in the government, Nordin’s focus includes promoting a Malay Studies discipline that encompasses aspects of society, economy, education, and Malay technology.

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