Circus chaos: Lion’s great escape leaves Italian residents in a ‘purr-suit’ of safety (video)

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” so the 1982 pop classic by Tight Fit goes but that wasn’t the case for a lion in Italy named Kimba who escaped from the Ronnie Roller Circus troupe and roamed the streets of Ladispoli, causing the local authorities to urge residents to stay indoors for their safety. A video of the eight-year-old lion ambling past parked cars on the street during the night was widely shared on social media, spreading fear among those who encountered it.

Ronnie Vassallo, the animal handler for the circus, assured the public that Kimba posed nearly no danger, expressing more concern that fear might provoke someone to harm the lion. After more than five hours, authorities successfully captured Kimba using a tranquiliser, before veterinarians and circus staff could examine him.

Kimba, born and raised in the circus, had been securely caged along with other performing animals ahead of a scheduled afternoon show in the city. However, Kimba’s cage was found open, prompting further investigation by the authorities.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Alessandro Grando announced that the lion had been captured and extended his thanks to the police, firefighters, and volunteers who contributed to the daunting mission. He further expressed his hopes that the incident would stir a sense of responsibility and ultimately end the exploitation of animals for profit. Although he had not permitted circuses with lions to perform in the city, he admitted lacking the power to ban them entirely.

Circus chaos: Lion's great escape leaves Italian residents in a 'purr-suit' of safety (video) | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Sanook.

This not the first time a lion has made a dramatic escape this year.

A roaring commotion erupted in Karachi, a metropolis in southern Pakistan, when a full-grown lion was caught strolling amidst congested traffic. Unleashed from its transport vehicle, the majestic creature prowled the urban lanes for a stretch of more than two hours.

This dramatic escapade unfolded on Tuesday, August 29, leaving the populace stunned and unnerved. Read more about the story HERE.

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