Lion’s roam: Chaos strikes Karachi as ‘King of the Jungle’ takes a traffic tour

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Roaring commotion erupted in Karachi, a metropolis in southern Pakistan, as a full-grown lion was caught strolling amidst congested traffic. Unleashed from its transport vehicle, the majestic creature prowled the urban lanes for a stretch of more than two hours. This dramatic escapade unfolded on Tuesday, August 29, leaving the populace stunned and unnerved.

The lion was spotted strolling nonchalantly on the main road of Karachi during peak traffic hours. The unexpected sight of the wild creature caused surprise among pedestrians and car passengers. The Express Tribune captured the unusual scene and shared it on Twitter.

Despite the fear and panic, many bystanders were eager to catch a glimpse of the lion, contributing to the traffic congestion. Mukhtar Sumro, a wildlife inspector, reported that the lion was eventually captured and moved to the premises of the Wildlife Department.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Shiraz Nasir, announced that Pakistan has laws prohibiting the keeping of lions in residential areas. Consequently, the owner of the lion has been arrested and is set to face legal action. Keeping tigers or lions is not common in Pakistan, but some wealthy individuals and businessmen may have private zoos and occasionally bring these animals out in public.

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In 2017, police in Pakistan arrested a man who took a lion for a car ride at night in Karachi. The latest lion clip has gone viral online, with netizens expressing their fear. Some made light-hearted comments suggesting that the lion was casually strolling in Karachi, seemingly aware of the ‘law of the jungle,’ a reference to the city’s high crime rate.

According to a tweet by Anas Mallick, a lion was spotted wandering in Karachi at Shahra e Faisal, the city’s main artery. The escaped lion eventually found its way into the basement of a nearby building after spending some time on the road. This unexpected event led to a significant traffic jam with media vehicles rushing to cover the incident and crowds gathering to witness the spectacle.

The Wildlife Department has confirmed that the lion has been moved to the department’s compound as it is illegal to keep lions in residential areas. The lion’s owner has been detained, and charges will be brought against him, said Senior Superintendent of Police Shiraz Nazir.

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