Internet star apologises for staged kissing clip misinterpreted as sexual violation

Photo courtesy of Sanook.

A famous Internet personality is offering clarification on a viral kissing video clip that caused an uproar, featuring a woman forcibly kissing a delivery worker. She stated that the incident was merely a staged scene for content creation and not an act of sexual violation.

The kissing clip that sparked controversy among social media users shows a delivery worker being cornered on a staircase by a woman. The man continues to hold his drink while the woman aggressively kisses him, ignoring his attempts to resist and fight back.

Following the disclosure of the clip, some commenters pointed out that the incident likely took place in Shenzhen, and many believed the kissing in the clip to be real. They condemned the woman for sexually violating the male delivery worker and warned that “men should also learn to protect themselves when outdoors” as any gender can be subjected to violation.

However, the woman in the kissing clip has recently clarified the situation. It turns out she is a well-known Internet personality who merely wanted to create interesting content for her followers. She didn’t anticipate such a response and acknowledged that she failed to disclose it was merely a “staged scene.”

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This led others to repost the clip and add fuel to the fire, causing misinterpretation online that the kissing was a real event, reported Sanook. In this regard, she apologised to the public.

“Due to my carelessness and negligence in my work, I am deeply sorry for the impact on everyone.”

She believes that because of her negligence, the fictional situation was taken to be a real event, and the content of the kissing clip was manipulated by people with ulterior motives.

Lastly, she hopes that people will not believe these rumours anymore and clarified that it did not happen in Shenzhen, but she used her mobile phone to film in Huanan.

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