Indonesian man goes viral after accidentally leaving wife at petrol station during road trip

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A 37 year old man named Arief became a viral sensation in Indonesia after accidentally leaving his wife behind during a journey back to their hometown. The incident came to light when their 8 year old son asked about his mother’s whereabouts, causing Arief to realize that his wife was not on the back of the motorcycle like he had assumed.

The event occurred on April 16 when Arief planned to travel by motorcycle from the city of Bogor in the west to the city of Kediri in the east, accompanied by his wife and young son. The purpose of their trip was to celebrate the Eid-al-Fitr holiday, and they estimated that the 15-16 hour journey would require several breaks.

Despite having made the trip numerous times and being familiar with the route, that night proved to be different. After departing from the ring road in Brebes, a Central Java island, Arief’s son suddenly questioned him, “Where’s Mum? Why isn’t she here with us?” It was at that moment that Arief discovered his wife was missing from the motorcycle, sparking fears that she might have been involved in an accident along the way.

Arief hurriedly retraced their route in hopes of finding his wife, but his efforts were fruitless. Eventually, he decided to call for help, only to find 21 missed calls on his mobile phone. Upon returning the calls, he discovered that the callers were police officers at a local station, and the person attempting to contact him was none other than his wife.

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It turned out that Arief had inadvertently left her at a petrol station, where he had briefly stopped to check the correct route. His wife, thinking they were taking another break, had stepped off the motorcycle without him noticing. Unaware of her absence, Arief then continued travelling for another two hours, covering approximately 80 kilometres, until his son finally mentioned her disappearance.

“Yes, I was oblivious. I have focused on the road ahead while gradually leaving my wife further and further behind,” Arief admitted.

Arief also confessed that this particular trip home would be an unforgettable tale in his life, a story he will likely remember for years to come. After the incident, the couple and their son managed to reunite and continue their journey together. The extraordinary tale soon became viral on social media, reminding travellers to always double-check their travel companions before hitting the road.

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