Heartbreaking secret thwarts Vietnamese woman’s romance with wealthy boyfriend

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A Vietnamese woman was shocked when her mother refused to approve of her relationship with her handsome and wealthy boyfriend. The refusal came without explanation, leading the distressed woman to threaten suicide, prompting her mother to reveal the heartache she had been silently carrying for 35 years.

The 30 years old woman was the only child in her family. Her father passed away when she was 10 years old, leaving her mother as her sole caregiver. Despite financial struggles, her mother managed to send her to university. Upon graduation, she worked diligently to provide for her mother, repair their home and pay off debts.

After 8 years of singlehood, she finally found love half a year ago. Her boyfriend hailed from Hanoi and worked in the expatriate labour industry. Upon learning of her daughter’s steady relationship, the mother was overjoyed and eagerly anticipated meeting her future son-in-law.

However, upon meeting her daughter’s boyfriend, the mother’s excitement quickly turned into disapproval. She probed the young man about his family background and asked to see photos of his family. Upon viewing the photos, the mother’s face turned sour, and she excused herself, advising the boyfriend to leave as she had something to discuss with her daughter, reported docnhanh.

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The daughter was perplexed. She could not fathom why her mother disliked her boyfriend. After all, he was well-educated, handsome, and came from a good family. In comparison, she felt inferior due to her family’s lower socio-economic status. When she questioned her mother, she was simply told to end the relationship with her boyfriend.

After a week of emotional turmoil, the daughter threatened to take her own life. This led her mother to finally reveal a painful secret kept for 35 years. She confessed that she and her daughter’s boyfriend’s father were once lovers. However, when a wealthier woman entered the scene, he abandoned her, even forcing her to abort their child. The same day she lost her child, he married the other woman, leading a lavish life ever since.

Given her past, the mother could not bear the thought of her daughter marrying into the family of the man who had caused her so much pain. “What should I do now?”, the daughter asked, seeking advice from the public.

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