Headless infant body on Spanish beach reawakens migrant crossing concerns

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The international community is haunted by questions following a heart-rending incident in Spain where the body of an infant girl was found on the shores of a beach in the Roda de Bera area of the Tarragona province. This bewildering discovery, made last week, sparked an ongoing investigation with authorities working tirelessly to unravel the circumstances surrounding it.

A council cleaning worker stumbled upon the headless body of the infant, initially mistaking it for a doll. The story quickly became headline news globally, adding to a wave of public shock and sorrow. No comments have been given by the Tarragona police, only intensifying speculation about what transpired.

Latest reports suggest that the little girl was approximately six months old and may have tragically drowned during one of the perilous migrant boat crossings in the Mediterranean Sea. Forensic experts are speculating that the body could have been in the water for a fortnight to two months, and several body parts along with her head are still missing. The body is understood to have been found in an advanced stage of decomposition, reported Mirror.

Pere Vergili, the local mayor, indicated that early signs suggest that the infant girl could have been washed ashore by the waves, and not deposited at the site.

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Media reports have highlighted how challenging the case is due to the condition of the girl’s remains, with uncertainty persisting whether this was an accident or the result of criminal activity. Nevertheless, hopes are high that further tests will shed light on the possible cause of death, and may also provide insight into the girl’s ethnic origin, helping to trace her.

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