Genoa barber caught in drug trafficking sting due to influx of bald customers

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A barber in the Italian city of Genoa was apprehended by the police on suspicion of drug trafficking after noticing a high number of bald, beardless customers frequenting his shop. The police officers became aware of potential drug trafficking in the Foce district of Genoa, although they had no clear leads.

An investigation was initiated with additional information gathering, aided by Forte San Giuliano station’s surveillance efforts to detect any abnormalities. They then received reports of an unusual amount of bald, beardless men visiting a small barbershop owned by a 55 year old male.

This diverse group of customers varied in age and seemed to come from various professions. However, one common aspect was that they did not require any hair or facial hair grooming, reported Oddity Central.

The investigation swiftly proceeded, revealing that all these customers spent a short amount of time in the barbershop without availing of any services. Ultimately, the police raided the shop and hit a jackpot when they discovered several grams of marijuana, 100 grams of cocaine, four high-precision scales, and a quantity of drug packaging materials in a loft area.

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The dual-role barber-drug dealer was subsequently taken to Marassi jail and is awaiting further punishment adjudication. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the creative and discrete methods employed by those involved in illegal activities, even in seemingly innocent settings like a barbershop.

In related news, a drug trafficking gang was apprehended in the province of Mukdahan, as Region 4 Police seized a staggering haul of over 600,000 meth pills on December 10.

Acting on intelligence, the law enforcement officers intercepted a white Mitsubishi Attrage sedan en route from Don Tan district to Mueang Mukdahan district.

Behind the wheels was 30 year old Daeng, a resident of Mukdahan, with 27 year old Itthipon as his passenger. A thorough search of the vehicle led to the discovery of more than just two occupants. Concealed within the car were three bags, containing over 600,000 meth pills. To read more click HERE

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