From ordinary Australian to Queen of Denmark: The compelling journey of Queen Mary

After Queen Margrethe II of Denmark voluntarily abdicated her throne in 2023, Prince Frederik of Denmark succeeded the throne as King Frederik X. The event, which took place on January 14, garnered significant interest from both Danish citizens and international spectators alike.

King Frederik X’s coronation ceremony was simple, lacking the usual pomp and circumstance. However, the world’s attention was equally drawn to his steadfast companion of 20 years, Queen Mary of Denmark. From an ordinary Australian woman to Denmark’s queen consort, Queen Mary’s journey is a compelling story that resonates with many.

Queen Mary, born Mary Elizabeth Donaldson on February 5, 1972, in Australia, has an academic background. She completed her education in law and commerce, later acquiring a certificate in advertising and marketing. Before her royal romance, Queen Mary worked as a marketing consultant and advisor.

She met Prince Frederik in Sydney in 2000, and their relationship flourished despite the distance. An official engagement announcement came in 2003, with the couple marrying on May 14, 2004, at the Copenhagen Cathedral in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The couple shares four children -18 year old Prince Christian, 16 years old Princess Isabella, and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Jose Finn, both 13 years old.

As a modern royal, Queen Mary is involved in numerous philanthropic activities. She supports various causes, such as children’s rights, women’s issues, refugee support, and LGBTQIA+ rights. She established The Mary Foundation, a charity organisation that works against bullying and domestic violence.

Moreover, Queen Mary is recognised as one of the most contemporary figures in the world, thanks to her fashion sense and style. She graces the pages of various fashion magazines and has received accolades for her fashion choices.

With her trustworthy image, good looks, sophisticated style, and impeccable royal duties performance, Queen Mary has won over Denmark’s populace. Despite being the first Australian to hold the title of queen consort in a European royal family, she has seamlessly integrated into Danish society, reported Sanook.

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