Europe braces for ‘Cerberus’ heatwave: Italy issues red alerts as tourists succumb to heatstroke

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A severe heatwave, dubbed ‘Cerberus‘ after the three-headed dog from Greek mythology, is spreading across Europe and North Africa, with possible record-breaking temperatures. Countries including Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey, are anticipated to experience temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

Italy’s temperatures could potentially surpass 48.8 degrees Celsius, leading the officers to issue red alerts in 10 cities encompassing Rome and Florence.

This heatwave comes alongside the tragic news of a man in his forties who sadly lost his life after suffering from heatstroke in Lodì, near Milan. Despite being transported to the hospital immediately after collapsing while traversing a zebra crossing on Tuesday, the man passed away shortly after. Numerous tourists, including a British man touring the Colosseum in Rome, have collapsed due to heatstroke, intensifying concerns over the heatwave, reported BBC.

The record temperature ever recorded in Europe is 48.8 degrees Celsius near the city of Syracuse, in the autonomous region of Sicily, on August 2021 and 2022. Last year, several waves of intense heat resulted in more than 60,000 deaths across the continent. This raises fears of significant losses again this year as the current wave of heat continues to intensify. Heatwaves this year could lead to major losses again.

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A month ago, NHS England faced significant challenges as the hot weather and the latest junior doctors’ strike put pressure on the health service. The British Medical Association’s 72-hour walkout began yesterday, and it is anticipated that much routine care would be cancelled.

The heat is also causing extra demands on accident and emergency units, prompting health bosses to urge people to use services sensibly. Junior doctors make up nearly half the medical workforce, and their absence will force the NHS to prioritise emergency and life-saving care.

The hot weather is already causing high demand for urgent services, with people being advised to avoid the sun at the hottest time of day and drink plenty of fluids. The heat can also lead to an increase in heart failure, kidney problems, respiratory issues, and sprains and fractures. To read more click HERE.

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