Shocking road spectacle: Electric bicycle takes a lorry for a spin

Photo: by, Sanook.

An unusual accident occurred on a regular road when an electric bicycle rider was suddenly thrown off by a passing lorry. The lorry, in turn, ended up hanging from a roadside lamppost, with the bicycle suspended from an overhead cable. The incident happened swiftly and caught everyone off guard.

Social media users circulated a video of the extraordinary accident. The electric bicycle was travelling along the road when a lorry running parallel to it collided with a hanging wire.

Coincidentally, this wire was tangled with the electric bicycle that was riding alongside. This resulted in the rider being thrown onto the road, while the electric bicycle was pulled up and left hanging on the wire. The lorry driver immediately stopped to assess the situation and provide assistance.

According to reports, the incident took place on September 24 in the district of Kwinh Fu in the province of Tai Binh, Vietnam.

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The entire sequence was captured on CCTV. After it was shared on social media, the footage quickly went viral, leaving viewers astounded.

“When you find yourself in a wonderland.”

“An extraordinary electric bicycle.”

“One moment you’re riding, the next your bicycle takes flight.”

The quick reactions of the lorry driver, who immediately stopped to assist, were also praised. The electric bicycle rider was fortunate to escape with minor injuries, reported Sanook.

In related news, a tragic motorcycle accident claimed the life of a construction worker in Na Yong district, Trang province. The incident took place yesterday around 1am, near his home.

The construction worker, Seree, lost control of his motorcycle, which then veered off the road and plunged into a canal. His body was discovered a day later after a 30 minute search by rescue workers. Read more of about the story HERE

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