Mother’s emotional 10-hour drive home after daughter’s lonely outcry grips internet

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A heart-wrenching incident involving a mother and her daughter in Zhaotong, Yunnan Province, China, has recently taken the internet by storm. The mother, who works away from home, discovered a distressing scene via her home’s security camera, leading her to make an emotional 10-hour drive back home.

The woman referred to as Gu, had left her daughter at home while she went to work in the city. Gu recently took a week’s leave to spend the Chinese National holiday at home with her daughter. The girl, who had grown accustomed to her mother’s presence during the holiday, was left distraught when Gu had to return to work.

A home security camera captured the heart-rending moment when the girl returned home from school to find her mother absent. The footage showed the girl wandering around the front yard alone, calling out for her mother and looking around in hopes of catching a glimpse of her. The little girl eventually collapsed onto a chair in exhaustion, but after a moment, she tried calling for her mother once again, only to be met with silence, reported Sanook.

Seeing her beloved daughter’s sadness and loneliness, Gu couldn’t hold back her tears. She decided to make an immediate 10-hour drive home. “My daughter called for me multiple times. Seeing this broke my heart, so I drove home immediately that night,” Gu shared.

Gu vowed to stay home with her daughter and has no intentions of working away from home in the future. She believes that jobs can change and money can be earned, but the days spent watching her daughter grow up cannot be reclaimed. This realization helped her prioritize her life’s aspects.

The emotionally charged story, once shared on social media, garnered a staggering 70 million views on Weibo alone, along with countless positive comments. Many viewers confessed that the clip mirrored their own family experiences.

“She looks so lonely and pitiful. Every child deserves to be with their parents.”
“Children don’t care about poverty or wealth. Their world consists only of their parents.”
“I too am a mother who works away from home and cannot stay close to my child. Watching this clip made me cry as well.”

Some netizens even shared that the story had inspired them to explore new ways of working and earning, allowing them to stay with their children and parents. After all, family remains the most valuable and significant aspect of our lives for each of us.

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