Chinese bride shocked by real amount in gift card from mother-in-law

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A Chinese woman, who works for an Internet company, shared an unusual mother-in-law and daughter-in-law experience. After marrying her husband last year, the 28 year old Lin received a bank card as a gift from her mother-in-law but was shocked when she discovered the real amount of money in it.

Lin revealed that her husband’s parents are government officials with a fairly affluent family status. Traditionally, a bride is expected to prepare numerous gifts for the groom’s family. However, due to changing times and her mother-in-law’s open-mindedness, she was told before their wedding that she did not need to prepare a multitude of gifts, as their family does not strictly adhere to such customs.

On their wedding day, her mother-in-law gifted her a bank card worth 680,000 yuan (3.3 million baht). She was told it was a nest egg prepared for her, causing her to feel greatly delighted at having such a generous mother-in-law.

After their wedding, she and her husband discussed buying a house in the city centre, requiring a down payment of 500,000 yuan (2.4 million baht). She then remembered the gift from her mother-in-law, which was 680,000 yuan (3.3 million baht), and hurriedly took it to pay for the house deposit.

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However, when she used the bank card to pay, the bank officer informed her that there was only 100 yuan (500 baht) in the card. She demanded the bank officer try again, and the result showed only 100 yuan remaining. She was shocked because her mother-in-law had clearly stated that there was 680,000 yuan in the card.

The situation left her feeling extremely embarrassed. She had no down payment and could only explain the situation to the officer, promising to pay another day. She returned home with a heavy heart and immediately confronted her mother-in-law.

“You said there was 680,000 yuan in the card, I just swiped it and it only has 100 yuan, right?”

Upon hearing this, her mother-in-law’s face turned red. She smiled and claimed that due to a recent bank problem, the initial 680,000 yuan savings had turned into 100 yuan. However, Lin had difficulty accepting this explanation.

A few days later, she discreetly asked her husband about the truth. He confessed that his mother had lied all along. She merely wanted to show respect to Lin and the card had only 100 yuan from the start. Upon realising she had been tricked by her mother-in-law’s lie, she was tremendously upset feeling that she had been irresponsibly treated.

Her mother-in-law, when confronted about the gift money in the card, thought she hadn’t done anything wrong and claimed it was just a joke. Consequently, Lin and her husband sought a loan again and bought the house. She no longer believed in her mother-in-law’s empty promises, listening to them with a smile but not taking them seriously.

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