Chinese company uses doll as overnight security officer

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A security breach occurred at a company in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China, where an unusual tactic was used to resolve a staff shortage at a Chinese company. The company placed a doll, dressed as a security officer, in the CCTV room for overnight monitoring. This risky strategy was heavily criticized for its potential security implications.

The incident was revealed when the Fire and Flood Disaster Prevention Network Centre discovered an unusually diligent female security officer in the company’s monitoring room. The woman sat motionless, staring intently forward for an extended period. Intrigued by her unusual dedication, the supervisors investigated and discovered that the security officer was merely a dummy.

CCTV footage revealed an elderly security officer arranging the doll, fully dressed in a security uniform, including a mask covering its face, and positioning it on a chair with its back to the camera before leaving the room. It was clear that this behaviour was premeditated and had become a daily routine.

After the incident was exposed, the company admitted that there was no officer in the monitoring room during that time. However, they assured that there were always officers on duty elsewhere.

The security officer at the door just wanted to go out for some hot water. He used this method. But when the phone rings in the room or there is a problem alert, he will rush over immediately, reported Sanook.

However, the head of the Fire and Flood Disaster Prevention Network Centre also disclosed that the elderly night shift security officer did not have a professional license. This means the company hired him without a formal employment contract.

“This company will definitely have to pay a fine. Because of negligence in security and fire safety checks. This company does not realise the importance of fire prevention work. If we work seriously, check from the beginning, when an event, especially a fire, occurs, and respond promptly, the damage caused by the fire can be greatly reduced.”

Normally, business owners set up security and fire prevention monitoring rooms to protect their property. Because when a fire occurs, the damage is incalculable. Therefore, using a dummy to replace a real person at work is deceiving the regulatory agency and also deceiving their own business.

Undoubtedly, when a fire occurs, the damage will be severe. The labour cost of the security officer that the company tries to save is indeed negligible.

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