Boy reports father’s illegal gun after threat over studies in China

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In a dramatic turn of events, an 11 year old boy from Guizhou province, in China, called the police on his father after being threatened with punishment for his reluctance to study. The situation escalated when the boy feared retribution for his academic disinterest, leading him to report his father’s illegal gun as a self-made firearm.

The young student, enrolled in the fourth grade at a primary school in Guizhou, had been demonstrating a strong aversion to attending school, reading, and doing his homework. This led to a severe altercation with his mother.

While his father was away in Zhejiang province on a business trip, he was informed of the confrontation. Initially attempting to resolve the issue over the phone, the father’s anger grew when his son remained defiant, prompting him to return home to discipline the child personally.

After hanging up the phone, the terrified boy remembered a police officer’s teaching during a school law awareness course that citizens were not permitted to own guns. Recalling that his father had a homemade gun stored away, the boy immediately contacted the police to report his father’s illegal weapon. The responding officers swiftly arrived at the residence, where they discovered a gun with 30 rounds of bullets and 53 steel balls.

Upon investigation, the police learned that the father had crafted the firearm for hunting purposes and had kept it for a long time. Being away for work and having limited legal knowledge, he had stored the gun in an attic, unused and unregistered with the authorities.

The case highlighted law enforcement, from taking the initiative in reporting illegal activities to learning life lessons in personal responsibility. However, despite the father’s absence and lack of intent to use the weapon, he was arrested and faced criminal charges according to the law, illustrating the serious consequences of illegal firearm possession, reported Sanook.

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