China and Taiwan offer conflicting views over Hong Kong rule

China President Xi Jingping, and Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang offered conflicting views on Hong Kong rule as the mainland celebrated the 25th anniversary of its handover from the United Kingdom.

The Taiwan chief claims freedom and democracy have disappeared in Hong Kong as he witnessed scenes of today’s celebration in the city’s business hub from Taipei today.

“One only has to see the pain that Hong Kongers are going through to know whether Hong Kong is doing better or worse. It’s only been 25 years, and in the past, the promise was 50 years of no change (referencing Beijing’s promise that Hong Kong could maintain key freedoms until 2047).

The 74 year old Taiwan premier then used a quote from former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping promising Hong Kongers that life would not change after the handover.

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“The ‘dancing will go on and horses will still run’ has disappeared, and even freedom and democracy have vanished.”

But Xi defended China’s “one country two systems” model of ruling Hong Kong. The 69 year old believes the system has worked in protecting the city and must continue.

“‘One country two systems’ has been tested and proved time and again, and there is no reason to change such a good system.

“The system had the ‘unanimous endorsement’ of residents along with ‘widespread approval’ by the international community, and that Hong Kong’s ‘true democracy began’ when it returned to China.”

Taiwan has been used as a political football in the past with the US threatening to defend the nation, officially called the Republic of China, if the mainland invades. And, although China has never invaded or ruled Taiwan, it still considers it part of the mainland.

The Communist Party has offered Taiwan a “One Country, Two Systems” model like Hong Kong but it has been rejected.

Su maintains Taiwan must hold fast to its sovereignty, freedom, and democracy.

“China’s so-called One Country, Two Systems simply has not stood up to the test.”

SOURCE: BBC Bangkok Post

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