Breastfeeding mother thwarts thief with swift scream, netizens applaud

PHOTO via Saostar

A mother’s quick thinking caught the attention of netizens after a video clip of her noticing a thief entering her home while breastfeeding her baby went viral. The incident was initially reported by the Vietnamese website, but has since been shared widely on social media, with users praising the woman’s sharp instincts and presence of mind.

The video shows a mother cradling her infant and breastfeeding in a bedroom where a television screen connected to the house’s security cameras is present. As she casually glances at the screen, she suddenly realises something is amiss—a man wearing a hat is intruding on her home late at night. The burglar heads straight toward the electric bicycle, attempting to unlock it, Sanook reported.

Without hesitation, the breastfeeding mother, while still holding her child in her arms, shouts out to her husband downstairs…

“Husband! Husband! Thief! Thief! Husband! They’re stealing the bike!”

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Her husband, who was in the kitchen, responded quickly by running out of the front door. Startled by the woman’s screams, the would-be thief flees the scene empty-handed.

Since the video was posted online, netizens have been captivated by the woman’s swift and sharp reaction, helping her family successfully fend off the intruder.

Many women have also tagged their husbands in the comments, encouraging them to install security cameras in their homes as a means of protection and potential evidence in case of unexpected incidents.

In related news, police are looking for a thief after the abbot of a Chong Lom Temple in the central province of Chai Nat reached out to news agencies for assistance regarding an ongoing theft at the temple. The serial temple thief is still at large even though CCTV footage features his face while committing the crime.

The CCTV footage revealed the thief aged approximately 30 to 40 years old and approximately 175 centimetres in height entering the accommodation of the temple abbot, Komkrit, and stealing monk robes. Moreover, the thief also stole some offerings which included instant food, and cartons of milk among other things. Komkrit said the damage was over 700,000 baht. Read more, HERE.

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