Boris Johnson resigns as MP, claims witch hunt forces departure

In a surprising move, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced his immediate resignation as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, a position he has held since 2015. Johnson claims that he is being “driven out” of politics by the Privileges Committee, which he accuses of using proceedings against him to force him out of Parliament.

In a lengthy statement, Johnson expresses his disbelief at the committee’s actions, stating that they have not produced any evidence that he knowingly or recklessly misled the Commons. He maintains that he spoke truthfully and corrected the record as soon as possible. Johnson also points out that he, along with other senior officials and ministers, believed they were working lawfully together.

The former Prime Minister accuses the committee of ignoring the truth and having a predetermined goal of finding him guilty, regardless of the facts. He calls the proceedings a “kangaroo court” and criticizes the committee members, especially the chair, for having expressed prejudicial remarks about his guilt before even seeing the evidence.

Johnson suggests that there is a witch hunt underway to take revenge for Brexit and ultimately reverse the 2016 referendum result. He believes his removal is the first step in a concerted attempt to bring this about. Johnson also questions the impartiality of Sue Gray, who investigated gatherings in Number 10, and her chief counsel, Daniel Stilitz KC, both of whom he claims have ties to the Labour Party.

In his statement, Johnson calls for the Conservative Party to recapture its sense of momentum and belief in the country’s potential. He urges the party to focus on making the most of Brexit, cutting business and personal taxes, and pursuing a pro-growth and pro-investment agenda.

Despite his resignation, Johnson remains proud of his accomplishments during his time in office, including getting Brexit done, winning the biggest majority in nearly half a century, and delivering the fastest vaccine rollout of any major European country. He also highlights his contributions as MP, such as securing funding for a new state-of-the-art hospital in Hillingdon.

However, Johnson expresses bewilderment and disappointment at being forced out of Parliament by the Privileges Committee, which he accuses of anti-democratic actions and egregious bias.

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