Bengaluru woman loses 350,000 baht to black magic scam

A 25 year old woman from Bengaluru, India, was swindled out of 350,000 baht in a failed attempt to use black magic to win back her ex-boyfriend. The story, shared by the Facebook fan page World Forum, highlights the lengths some go to for love, the pitfalls of blind belief in superstition, and the harsh reality of deception.

The young woman, desperate to reconcile with her former partner, turned to an astrologer who claimed he could cast spells to pave the way for their reunion and even ensure her parents’ approval. This service came at a steep price, totalling around 8.2 lakh rupees (350,000 baht). The astrologer’s convincing promises led her to transfer the money in stages, with the final payment made on January 10, intended for a special ceremony.

Initially, the woman discovered the sorcerer online on December 9, last year, and explained her situation. He requested photographs of her ex-boyfriend and her family, which she sent along with the first payment. Subsequent demands for money followed, but when she resisted the last request, the astrologer threatened to reveal intimate photos of her and her ex to her family, coercing her into compliance.

Despite the substantial amount paid, the woman saw no results. Realising she had been scammed, she consulted her family. The discovery led to a police report, with authorities tracking the sorcerer through bank transactions and phone numbers.

It emerged that the bank account belonged to a close associate of the astrologer, who, when confronted, promised to refund the money, claiming he conducted the rituals under duress from the woman.

Police investigations revealed the astrologer’s phone number had been disconnected, and to date, no reimbursement has been made. This incident serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers of entrusting one’s personal and financial well-being to unverified individuals online, especially in matters as emotional and vulnerable as mending a broken heart, reported Sanook.

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